The Ghost of Franz Kafka by Patric Cunnane



Poetry from the co-founder of Dodo Modern Poets

Palewell Press, March 2018

Why The Ghost of Franz Kafka? Kafka was a socialist and many of these poems adopt a progressive viewpoint while nodding to the alienation in Kafka’s world. Speaking out against injustice tells us the ‘ghost’ is very much alive. There is light amongst the darkness. Sappho’s home, Lesvos, long an inspiration to poets, appears alongside eulogies to the author’s Irish roots. Elsewhere, poets, artists and first love are celebrated together with postcards, watermelons, honeymoons and windmills. And if you ever need to explain poetry to a cab driver, look no further…

Marinated in sympathy, compassion and a deep love for humanity, spiced with insight, inspiration, wry humour, rooted in a deep sense of emotional geography and history, and informed by political commitment. Patric Cunnane’s poems in The Ghost of Franz Kafka, always open new perspectives and provide unique insights. PR Murry, poet, artist and political animal

Patric Cunnane views mankind through a journalist’s eyes, voicing his political concerns with humour and compassion. From the refugee facing ‘Bullet-faced men guarding razor-wire fences’, to the father mending broken clocks, these poems reveal and seek to heal ‘The secret hurt at the heart of time.’ Frances White, latest collection, Swiftscape

The Ghost of Franz Kafka from Palewell Press, UK

ISBN: 978-1-911587-00-2       Publication: 2018

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The Ghost of Franz Kafka is the ninth collection of poetry from Folkestone-based Patric Cunnane. A long-term member of the Poetry Society, he also writes short stories and plays. Patric was born in Purley of Irish parents. Along with fellow poet and artist PR Murry, he runs Dodo Modern Poets. A journalist by trade, in 1984 with union colleagues, he founded the socialist cabaret, Ragged Trousered Cabaret, to provide entertainment and raise funds for the embattled labour movement during the Thatcher years. And in the early eighties, he was active in performance groups Tongue Circus and Worthless Words. Other titles by the author include “Dance Music”, “Baltimore”, “Looking For Eden” and “Roads.”

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