Ted joined Poets Anonymous in Croydon in 1991, helping with 10 Poetry Plus Festivals, in Croydon. He has been judge , Jury and executioner for a number of poetry competitions
He is the publisher of Creative Energy Publications, specialising in Football poetry by fans of both interests. They actually sold in bookshops and were read in Europe. He has traipsed his stuff around the UK, including Ronnie Scott’s as a guest of The West End Gospel Choir. T has appeared on radio and Television and has had poems translated into Polish.
All this looks very nice on paper but is very embarrassing if read out to an audience.
As an artist ted worked his way up from nothing to dire poverty and as a poet, from dire poverty to dire straights.


At the Backs of Shops and Houses
Window frames
Aline horizontally, vertically and

Sometimes offset,
Creating an on the wall,
Piet Mondrian,
Back Street, ‘ Boogie Woogie.’

Each rectangle a painting;
Blank,  dull or just glowing.
Lighting up mornings,
Like a pinball machine
In shades of wattage
In unorganised colour.

A golden section
Of economics and imagination.

Ted S-O

From the forthcoming book
Titled as the first line above.


Spread-eagled between taps and towel,
The mist of paradise rising
Through lagoons and bubbled islands.
Daytime wending it’s weary way
In rivulets through every pore.
Lolloping, listening,
Or not, to the radio.
Sipping tea and drawing on a slow cigarette,
Shoes improvising as an ash tray.
Maybe contemplating the day in the newspaper
Or considering phrases in a book.
Some will disapprove?
Even more so,
Languishing in my socks

Ted S-O