Steve Tasane 
Steve is the master of tongue twisting, mind boggling alternative poetry. Over the last dozen years you could have caught his dynamic performances almost anywhere: Glastonbury Festival jazz stage, the Barbican, Ronnie Scott´s, Hamley´s Toy Shop, even Battersesa Dogs Home. For its 7 year duration, he was mentor for young slam poets in Ken Livingstone´s Rise festival. He rap funks fro everyone from primary schools to may day anarchists. His arts Council one person show against global corportations, KELPTO, toured throughout 2006, broadcast on BBC1, Channel 4, Radio1 and Radio4, he´s equally likely to be found performing to three year olds in the Glastonbury Kidz Field,or to families on the Poetry Bus at Canterbury festival. His latest project is Talkies, a poetry film album, watch this space. Links: website

Permission to Dance

gimme your hand

I wanna shake it

permission to dance?

we wanna take it

but we´ve got to fill out a form, give six months notice

spin on our heads and spout hocus pocus

we can state out case but the cause is hopeless

as we lock horns with jobsworth jokers

pleased as punch as they try to halt us

with Pinocchio noses pointing out the small print

permission to dance is what they won´t ever give

no right no way no pride no say

no dance no drums no chance no fun

no more no

bring back the Yes, man, ignore the no body

less bans, more jams, let´s give a little give

cos no man’s land is no place to live

and if your mouth´s so big, make your message positive

better get a festival

Ramadan to Notting Hill

can we plan a carnival?

yes we can, so we will

savour every syllable

the only word we really need

is okeydokey, yessiree

si, oui, ya, da

Hannuka, Mardi Gras

si, oui, ya, da

lead us where the dances are

escape that bar

liberate your hips

truth of the matter´s gonna kiss you on the lips

the stamp of approval needs a great big lick

cos it´s not just kids getting teenage kicks

stop pen pushin, start toe-tappin

cut the finger waggin and add hand clappin

yes give yes get yes live yes let’s

yes do yes please yes you yes me

express that yes

the best word of all languages

si, oui, ya, da

Glastonbury, Diwali, Fleadh

si, oui, ya, da

Hogmanay, say ooh la la

nod not shake it

give a bit and take it

nod not shake it

if it´s not fair, break it

nod not shake it

live with give

let the rhythm beat the bans

permission to dance

is a universal passport

stamped by the people, not the man

yes means yes we said

yes means yes we said

yes means yes we said yes!

Rats In The Attic

The neighbours are at it again,

their scattergun domestic shakes the foundations,

setting off the howl of a dog

whimpering in nearby neglect.

A rumble of revellers nightbus

over the speedbumps of his slumber.

The dull chunter of a free-range alcoholic

and the pickaxe wit of overnight track workers

keep time with the pounding crunk of his inner panic.

The pre-dawn echo of yesterday´s complaints

is hectored away by the nagging advice

of an elder brother; lecturing from the grave,

on how best to cope with the voices.

Gas bags, rattling in his head.

Angry bed bugs.

Hush now. Baby needs his sleep,

for tomorrow will be war.