Samira Elbahja

Only entailing the truth in my poetry, I am a speaker from the East. My name is Samira Elbahja and I’m a 15 year old Spoken Word Artist from London. I speak for the unspoken and underprivileged, shedding a light in many darknesses; such as Knife crime, child poverty and sexual abuse. So what I say is, let your voice be your microphone, speak loud!
Signing off with my signature of dramatics.

Depression- HIM

It’s the devilish thoughts in your mind that never leave you

Thoughts that break your wall of so called confidence and self esteem.

He always likes to be in control.


Like a really clingy friend that never wants to leave you,

Instead he is not your friend, he is your worst nightmare.

He keeps you up all night screaming imperfections your ear,

And stealing your reflection,

Replacing it with him.

Replacing it with a pale-faced creature.

With zero amount of happiness

With him being around,

everybody seems to donate sympathy to your unsuccessful charity


Everybody will experience his torture,

Some more than others,

But when he comes around make sure to take cover,

And make sure you mental mind-set is prepared for his prodding and interference


The sleepless nights that you wish you could forget, but you can’t

He keeps you awake.

Anything happy he showers it with this beautiful darkness

That you are so curious to understand


Trying to argue with your own mind that you’re not going crazy.

The line between good and bad is blurred for you.

Trying to hold onto your own sanity

That you’re just normal

That you’re just like everybody else