Richard Scott

Richard Scott The Opera Hour

Richard Scott was born in London in 1981. His pamphlet Wound, published by Rialto, won the Michael Marks Poetry Award 2016. His poem Crocodile won the 2017 Poetry London Competition. His debut collection is forthcoming from Faber & Faber in April 2018.

Jeanne Baré Observes the Inlet

Roosting starlings watch the river continue

its labour. Anglers draw their boats up


onto the sand, erasing the hoof prints of cattle

who retreat into the violet cedars.


And as if they know they are alone

perch rise up out of the dark,


wake the inlet and drive the water mad

grasping for damselfly, beetles, boatmen,


mosquitoes, hawk moth and paper wasp.

This water sport soundtracks the dusk


inestimable leaps into that other world

through the fearsome belt of oxygen.


All of us are capable of great change;

you only have to watch the fish transform


into dark birds swooping the surface at enormous speed

to know.

Richard Scott