Penny Faulkner

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Penny Faulkner is a London-based poet who poems evoke the landscapes of the natural and manmade world, while also exploring themes of identity, loss and change.

Penny works full time as a teacher in a hospital school in South London, and is also a ceramicist and a member of the Turning Earth ceramic studio in Hoxton.  As well as performing with Dodo Modern Poets on several occasions, Penny has also published work in poetry magazines and anthologies and is an active member of the Southwark Poetry Stanza. 

 Enough blue sky

 Scrappy mongrel clouds

tussle over scraps of sky,

as a wire dotted with starlings

pings open into flight.  In the fields

stands a bridge, propped up alone

in the middle of munching cattle.

There are rumours about a road.


In a circle, the first and the last

become neighbours, and I am ready

to stake my claim to the front

of the line.  Whippet-alert and eager,

plaited and checked and waiting

beneath this rare summer sky

ungrazed by clouds.


The morning’s clarity has curdled

into plump cream puffs

but you sip your coffee, measure

the blue with flicks of your eyes.

There’s enough blue sky

to make your husband a suit.

It’ll be a fine day.

© Penny Faulkner, 2014

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