Moubajel Lehmann

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Moubajel Lehmann

Moubajel has had a yearning to write since a young age but only over the last 10 months has she allowed herself to do so. Since then, to her surprise, her writing has arrived as poetry. Moubajel is a young mum of two incredible daughters and has had some extraordinary life experiences which play a part in inspiring her poems. Her discovery of, and love of, mindfulness practices, and constant learning and regular practicing of meditation, love, and being more present, have led to a way of seeing herself, others, and the beauty of the world in which poetry and stories come about through emotion, curiosity, and wonder.

“Golden orb behind the trees,
Sky on fire yet so at ease.
A hundred shades of yellow-gold,
a million shapes of cotton-white hold,
the pinks, the blues,
stripes and streams and gentle hues.

The dark silhouettes of naked trees,
painted black and still, no breeze.
Behind them glowing bright,
The sunset gold welcomes the night.”

“Take a closer look into her eyes.
There’s a song, a rhythm,
Beating in her soul,
Singing in her heart,
She’s dancing.
Dare to see it,
Dream of finding it,
Try if you like,
But she dances like sunlight scattered across the sea.”