Lantern Carrier


Manatita is a Creative Writer, Author and Poet of many years standing. His spiritual Magnum Opus, My Guru, Sri Chinmoy: Life and Teachings, is available on Amazon and his first poetry book, Forty Roses For my Lord Supreme, is out of print. Manatita is in the process of writing two more books, one in prose called Maxims For Our Children, A Look at the Teachings of Jesus, The Christ and Blossoms of the Heart, a book of inspirational poetry.
Manatita has written on many genres, but his chosen field is the esoteric and meta-physical. Born in Grenada, West Indies, Manatita’s favourite hobby was always reading and writing and he studied the works of the great English poets. He also read a lot in his childhood. Manatita travelled to London in 1973, where he entered college and became a nurse. (RMN; RGN) He has worked in this field for nearly thirty five years.
Now in his sixties, Manatita is known in poetry circles in London as the Lantern Carrier – someone who carries a Light, inspires, elevates, awakens … reaches the Heart. In his spare time, he assists others with proof-reading and has a large collection of poetry and prose, both essays and fiction, on the internet. Manatita likes to serve humans and towards that cause he travels around the world to inspire and elevate his younger and older brothers and sisters: mankind. Manatita lives in Ealing, London, UK.
Manatita, The Lantern Carrier

Ode to Adversity

She kissed my Heart,

Nature walked me to the moon

And we both cradled my struggles.

I pine in the handicap of my afflictions,

Adorned by Love, unfolding its own secrets;

Singing its own mysterious songs.

Here in this bodily temple,

Her dauntless Will pushes me,

To manifest the Beloved’s dream unique.

Everything really does happen for a reason,

And while one may not comprehend this veil of darkness,

‘Tis but a shadow interwoven, with the colours of His Light.

Adversity dyes me in shadows, only to invoke the Bridegroom of the sun;

All continues to happen, for the progression of my soul.

Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. May 1st 2019


All A Prototype Of An Ever-Transcending Love.  1: 20 mins.

 I hear they admire birds. O Lantern,

It is My wings that is flapping and singing

Inside them, and they can fly.


I hear they enjoy fireworks.

Know that My flame burns in their Hearts,

And it will never die.


I hear they appreciate the lute.

Know that the enchantment of its melodies,

Are tuned by an unseen Symphony, twirling in

The stillness of their breaths.


I hear they venerate scholars.

Know that My unseen eloquence,

Tap-dances on the beauty of their lips,

Spilling exclusively, the musk of My wine.


I hear they are serene, in the presence of nature.

Know that My Ocean of Consciousness,

Beats the drums of Silence in their souls —

The Peace of the Unborn, that cannot be extinguished.


I hear they are attached to the mundane. O Lantern,

This is but a miniature prototype, of My ever-transcending Love.


Manatita, The Lantern Carrier 30th April, 2019