Katherine Lockton


Katherine Lockton is a poet living in London.

Her work has been published in publications such as : Magma, Rising, Morning Star, Northwords Now, The Delinquent, and ‘Hallelujah for 50ft Women’ out with Bloodaxe.

In 2013 Katherine was awarded the Inaugural Travel Bursary by The Saltire Society and British Council Scotland. In 2014 she was shortlisted for Girton College’s Jane Martin Poetry Prize.

In 2014 Katherine also won first place in the Outstanding in the Field Poetry Competition judged by Martin Figura. The winning poem can be found here!

She has co-edited an anthology of new Scottish was poems called ‘Like Leaves in Autumn’ published with Luath Press.

She currently co-edits the magazine South Bank Poetry alongside poet Peter Ebsworth.


What Love Really Is

Here I am by the ledge.

The window has not opened itself yet.


The crowd beneath not formed.

I have a fever and lie in bed dreaming.


The swan that will fly beneath me

and break my fall is waiting.


He tries to curl his tongue around the words nina, caer

and call out. But all the passersby hear is his chafing voice.


Our front door slams. Startled I call mamita,

lean out. I wake to find my whole world changed:


the floor, the walls, even my sheets, the mute

colour of earth. My swan buries his head.


This is what love really is. To catch someone

who doesn’t even know they are falling.


First published in NorthWords Now Issue 33, Spring 2017