Emmanuel Sugo


My name is Emmanuel Sugo aka jack of all traits and master of all
I am part of a youth lead production company in Southwark named Alwayz Kreative
which focuses on encouraging young people to keep their creativity alive.
I am also a member of East London Shakespeare Company which aims to encouraging more diversity within Shakespeare productions and
currently working merchant of Venice.
My best friends are Japanese Anime, Yoruba/Igbo Cuisines and Haggendas Praline & Cream
For me poetry is the literature of provoking thought and action through stories and i love how art can summarise a life time of experiences with 5mins.
My favorite poetry book at the moment is word by JJ bola and my long term goal is to make poetry more of a theatre art form. Right now i am currently alongside other poets on media based projects which merge poetry, visual art, physical theatre together .

Mourning the night

Line of the day

I lay up at 2am

Smile rinkled with envy

Jealousy a sniper riffle aimed at the sky

trying to assassinate 2am then something hits me

The sky is just another red carpet for the stars to walk all over

Pull the plug on all that glitter and

it will just be another dead looking rug before Xmas lights were assembled around it

Knowing this

I do not take the safety off the gun

Hatred is too much of an expensive bullet

to be wasted on a corpse

My smile lets go of envy

My nose inhales the funeral

My eyes tell me the stars are just family members

Mourning the night.

How your shadow leaves you

When guilt is shed like snake skin,

evil deeds will wear a fresh kind of o glow

making abominations more appealing to the mind.

Conscience will go into a daydream of comas

Actions which formally left a trail of question marks will start look like fullstops

Bad company now have access to your insides via the front door and good manners will have to relocate elsewhere.

This is how saints start to get plastic surgery to look like sinners

This is how darkness becomes you

Have you started displaying symptoms of allergies when next to things like light, kindness, empathy and being human?

Did your shadow begin to foam at the mouth at the site of something loving being birthed inside you?

Has the mirror stopped recognising your voice?

Does everyone you grew up with speak of you like you passed away when you are brought up in conversation?

Are you only beautiful in past tense?

Is your presence becoming that question on an exam paper everyone avoids answering?

Are they afraid of you?

Are they scared of you?

When you ask your reflection do you trust me

Does it run away?

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