Elena Stevanoska


Elena Stevanoska

Elena Stevanoska is a visual artist, performer and writer based in London. She has performed at Boomtown Festival and Fowl Cabaret at Sink, and most recently performed her poetry at Vault Festival in Waterloo. Her poems are a visual journey into human psychology, our fears, desires and the cosmos. Instagram: @elstevanoska

Extract from Driving Through Water

Only possible in Disneys and Dreams
Yet here I am in this wreck of requiems
Moving through streams
Recklessly and with abandon, and yet relaxed and at ease,
No escape – or I’m not looking for one,
No break, no burst of air.
Both above and below soil
Lungs filled with dreams and oil.

A lone boot, a flock of fish, a gaggle of plastic clogging up the –
And the ripples quietly whisper elegies to the night,
Bodies crowned with algae in greens and golds and white
A halo of seaweed,
A sceptre of light,
A spectre of what once was, and what might be, as we move in this free flowing orb, where doubt never quite meets sight,
Certain you’ll never be certain.


Extract from I Want To Be The Reflection Of You

And I’ll find you

Where love meets chaos
Spinning in your memory like a carousel at dark
Turning a child’s game into deep meditation,
Cradled by stiffened horses

All thundering in circles of white noise.