Bob Devereux


Bob began performing as a poet on the road in 1970 with the guitarist Jim Hughes.The following year they toured as Mask with a very fine fiddler, Bridget Tickner. They won a prize of a 40 minute BBC radio programme in the series, Sounds on Sunday 1972.

In the late Seventies he worked with Clive Palmer, ex Incredible String Band.

A tape which they recorded in 1978 was remade as a CD when Clive rejoined the String Band, in 2000. Billy Connolly chose a track for his Desert Island Disks.

Bob next took to the road with the Tom Hall and Jaye Woodfield of the Ratliffe Stout Band.

In 1979 he was approached to write a libretto for the composer Christopher Brown. He has since collaborated with ten other classical composers.

He runs a weekly poetry and music event ‘Cafe Frug,’on a Thursday night in St Ives and a Literature Festival in May; this year (12th-19th May).  He is also responsible for poetry events every day in Norway Square, St Ives for two weeks during the September Festival. He performs regularly the guitarist Adrian O’Reilly.