Alison Trowerpoetcrop

Alison Trower – London based poet and Onespirit Interfaith Minister, studied art and the performing arts before becoming playwright in residence for physical theatre companies taking plays to festivals as well as London venues. She has also performed one-woman shows at festivals around the UK. Since becoming an ordained non-religious minister she co-colds non-denominational ritual for She is working on her first collection of poems. 


Things that are named

are then named things.

If I were to return them

to innocence

how far into


would I myself be thrown?


The canvas will be tilted until

rope snaps taut about hoop

and the wind is caught kicking like

a beast.

Tense against the fury

the fabric

will yank the smooth hull smashing

through rising flames of sea.

I am all parts of this chariot.

My mast cuts clouds,

my rudder thickly folds water.

Through the uproar,

with slack and with strain,

this way and that,

my line is incised.