Lisa Kelly


Lisa Kelly’s pamphlet Bloodhound is published by Hearing Eye. She is a regular host at the Torriano Meeting House in Finchley and is studying for an MA in Creative Writing at Lancaster University. She is on the board of poetry magazine Magma and co-edited issue 63.


If this waiting is hellish, then the sick are limbo dancing;

only those who are bent double, or on the floor, puddles

of their former selves, have a hope of getting under the bar,

progressively lowered as more contorted squeeze through.

If the woman in a white coat is god, then the boy with bleeding hands

has stigmata, the man with closed eyes on the stretcher is Lazarus,

and the toddler pushing donkey-on-wheels up and down,

up and down, is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

If this is a place of worship, then the grey kidney-shaped receptacles

are donation plates passed around for contributions from the faithful,

hopeful they are worthy of saving. If this is where you think the wait

will end within four hours, then think again, the end is always waiting.


Danish for island

a new word

new world

to explore

My tongue

tastes the sound of Ø

touches its shores

its limits

My mouth has a Caliban look

monsterish in expressiveness

and more ridiculously

round than Ø

Surrounded by a sea of white

Ø is what it means

but I can´t possess

even this small word

The axis cutting

north east to south west

makes Ø

a No Entry sign

I dream of Ø, wishing

it in my blood

as the English sound

that comes so easily, it is thoughtless

Ø floats

like those white blood cells

that gave my mother

& her tongue life

I will navigate Ø

the line going through

is a river perhaps

and will lead to fresh water